Ryan Thomas Rhea and Janda Siebert were married at Susina Plantation on October 2, 2010. Please enjoy the gallery of images below. To see a higher resolution image of a picture, please click on the thumbnail below.
The photographer was Morgan Pace. The photos that have bad lighting, are out of focus, etc., are the few I took. Here is Morgan, with her husband Jeff, in the guest cottage taking a picture of herself.

Ryan & Janda's Wedding October 2, 2010
There was no rehearsal, but that's no excuse to skip the rehearsal dinner!

The morning of the wedding, Janda's sisters and friends arranged flowers for the wedding and then enjoyed lunch together.
Then while some of the guys played cards, Janda dawned her dress for an afternoon photo session.
The groom also gets ready and receives a few congratulations.
Janda's Dad, Alan Siebert, will give her away and her Mother, Judi Wiegman, will officiate the ceremony. Jeff will play Harvest Moon. It will take a lot of handkerchiefs to dry the happyness from our eyes!
And Ryan and Janda get ready to steal one more kiss.
Then they relax with a walk around Susina,
We all gather for the celebration pictures.
The evening's reception and dinner begin.
Later that evening, the celebration winds down. What a beautiful day. Here's to happy ever after!